Terms & Conditions


Thank you for choosing Elizabeth Michael Associates (EM) to support you in the next step of your career. At EM, we understand that work is important to people and we aim to provide quality opportunities for candidates who want to be successful. We are proud to work with many excellent employers who in turn wish to attract talented candidates who are right for their business. We help make this happen.  

The beliefs we hold are at the heart of the relationship that we foster with our candidates. This rapport enables us to represent your interests in a positive and honest way with our clients.


This charter applies to all candidates regardless of the nature of work they are seeking. Whilst we use the word candidate predominantly in this charter, the scope includes temporary workers.  All Elizabeth Michael Associates are expected to abide by the Candidate Charter. Candidates and temporary workers therefore should expect to be treated in accordance with the Elizabeth Michael Way.


What candidates and Elizabeth Michael Associates should expect from each other


Equality of treatment

It is crucially important to value all people as individuals and to concentrate on personal abilities and strengths. EM strives to promote employment of a workforce that is representative of the community in which we operate, encouraging selection on the ability to do a job.


In all transactions EM Associates are required to treat people with respect and have an expectation of reciprocation.


EM will obtain as much information as possible about our clients and the opportunities they have available. We will share information with candidates as agreed with our clients. Candidates are required to provide all information required by EM in a timely and honest way. This includes accurate completion of required EM paperwork, any evidence of work or periods of not working, reference details, evidence of qualification, driving licence and eligibility to work in the UK. Information provided by a candidate in interview with an Associate of EM is considered to be as binding as any written assurance.


EM are in a position where they can offer advice to both clients and candidates in an attempt to create a great fit. We will look for evidence in the candidate’s history, carry out tests and conduct an interview to assess the fit between the candidate and the client’s requirements. Where there is a gap between the client’s expectations and the candidate’s capabilities we may be able to help the candidate close the gap, or ask the client to reconsider whether certain requirements are essential to their selection process. Sometimes a candidate might have aspirations that cannot be met. We cannot always place people in jobs and we will always try to explain why.

Discretion and confidentiality

We will respect your personal data, processing and retaining or destroying in accordance with the GDPR. We will ask you to specify any organisations that you do not wish your details to be sent to. In the course of discussions with clients a candidate may become privy to business sensitive information. EMA expects candidates to respect the clients’ business interests.


EM encourages candidates and temporary workers to provide feedback about their experiences of working with EM, or on any matter whatsoever. EM uses feedback to continuously improve the service we provide.

Support and guidance

 EM will keep in contact with candidates during the recruitment process and beyond, where the candidate secures a position. One size does not fit all and we will tailor our support, within reason, to the needs of the candidate.  On occasions a candidate may not demonstrate sufficient commercial awareness, lack interview experience or need a basic skill sharpening up. We will try to help.

Prompt resolution

Where confusion or difficulties arise, candidates are requested to telephone EM with details for accountable Associate, who will investigate and respond within 4 working hours.  Payroll queries are normally resolved immediately, provided EM have received the correct information required from the worker concerned. Other issues may take a little longer but we will always respond at the earliest possible opportunity. Where a query is made by EM of a candidate or temporary worker, wherever possible, a similar response time would be appreciated.

Where a candidate or temporary worker is in any way unhappy with the service they have received from EM or a client they may speak to the Managing Director of EM outlining the nature of their dissatisfaction. At this stage they may be requested to put their comments in writing, if they have not already done so. EM want candidates to be happy and will always investigate and give a response within 3 working days.


All those persons referred to within the scope of this charter are required to adhere to its terms and conditions. 

Management are responsible for ensuring that this charter is applied within their area.