Call Centre Telephone Interview Questions: What to Expect

  • June 18, 2021

Do you have your eye on a call centre job? Representatives who work on the phone are integral to today's customer service function. You should know that interviews are more likely than ever to be conducted on the phone or over a video call, given the restrictions in place due to the COVID-19 situation.

For call centre jobs, this is also likely because the interviewer may want to test how you perform over the phone - as it's an important part of the job. So, what can you expect in a call centre telephone interview? In this blog, we run through some call centre telephone interview questions you might encounter.

- Do You Have Call Centre Experience?

Of course, your interviewer is likely to know this having looked at your CV, but that doesn't mean that they won't ask you again to ascertain the information. If you do have call centre experience, an alternative question could be “talk me through the experience you’ve had in a contact centre environment". The purpose of this question can be two-fold. Firstly, it will allow you to demonstrate some basic competencies in terms of what you did in your previous call centre position, and it can also be used to gauge your enthusiasm and outlook on the role.

If you don't have call centre experience, you can use this question to provide details on the other experience and skills you possess which you think are most relevant.

- How Would You Deal With An Angry Customer Over The Phone?

This is one of the common day-to-day challenges you will have to deal with as a call centre worker. Ensure that you emphasize that taking a calm approach is the best policy, while trying to diffuse the situation and remaining polite at all times. Being empathetic and showing you understand the customer's concerns is vital.

- Tell Us About A Time When You Had To Multitask

Ensure that you have an example up your sleeve, which details a time when you were able to perform various tasks concurrently, with a successful outcome.

- How Do You Ensure You Meet Your Goals Or Targets?

Another of the most common call centre interview questions, this is a chance for you to demonstrate your organisation skills, as well as reassure the interviewer that you are hard-working. Tell them the things which make you tick, and the procedures that help you keep on top of your work.

- Describe A Time When You Solved A Customer’s Problem.

This seems almost certain to come up in your call centre team leader interview questions and answers. As with the angry customer question, you should have a pre-prepared answer which gives a 'mini timeline' of what the problem was, how you approached the situation, the steps you took to solve it, and a successful outcome. Don't be afraid to rehearse your answers at home - ask a loved one or friend to act as the interviewer.

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