Five Reasons To Choose Elizabeth Michael Associates To Find The Perfect Candidate

  • June 17, 2021

Elizabeth Michael Associates is a leading provider of exceptional office professionals, helping our clients to secure the best talent available for their contract and permanent positions across the UK.

One of the leading recruitment agencies in Nottingham, Derby, and Leicester areas, we maintain a sophisticated database of the best people, from Personal Assistants and secretaries through to senior management positions for your accounting, human resources and marketing departments.

Our ability to match the best people into their ideal roles starts with our commitment to truly understanding a client’s unique needs. Elizabeth Michael recruitment specialists invest as much time as is required to get to know your hiring managers, your business, and your company ethos and we will begin to pool potential candidates before a role becomes available.

But it works both ways too. To attract and keep the best people for your positions, we develop lasting relationships with candidates, sometimes placing them into repeated roles over many years. We're passionate about helping these people to fulfil their career potential and we want to present you with only the people who are highly capable and would enjoy working for you.

So without further ado, here are the five reasons to choose Elizabeth Michael Associates to find the perfect candidate:

- Over 30 Years Of Experience

We have been finding the best office professionals for our clients for over 30 years. A testament to the consistently strong service we offer, some of the companies we started out with still work with us. During this time, we have developed one of the marketplace’s leading databases, fast-tracking our ability to support you with top talent.

- Sector-Specific Expert Recruiters

Our consultants only focus on one specific sector. This is great for building knowledge - each swiftly becomes a market expert and understands the changing needs of the recruitment marketplace you operate in.

- Professional, Bespoke Service With A Smile

We focus on what our candidates and clients want. At the heart of all that we do is the genuine desire to make a tangible difference to the working lives of both our clients and candidates.

- Local Services In The Heart Of Your Community

Elizabeth Michael is based in Nottingham, and we work with companies across the UK.

- Quality Guarantees On All Staff Supplied

We provide you with a quality guarantee for all of the people we supply. If in the unusual event the placement is not successful, then we will work with you to rapidly locate and present other potential candidates.

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