The Benefits To Using Temporary Workers

  • February 03, 2021

The Benefits Of Using Temporary Workers

Throughout these challenging new times, it’s been difficult for companies to utilise their usual methods of growth, as well as uphold their standards of service. Many employees are working from home, usual contacts are uncontactable, staff members furloughed, staff unable to work due to school closures – the list goes on as to how our working worlds have changed.

So why could a temporary worker be of benefit?

Historically, there was an unfair view that if candidates obtained back to back temporary roles, there must be some reason they cannot secure permanent employment. Views have changed vastly over the years, and particularly throughout this pandemic.

So what can a temporary worker actually bring to your business?

A unique gift a good temporary worker will have is the ability to ‘slot in’ very quickly and effectively. They are used to having to adapt and learn at speed, particularly if it’s within a short assignment. There is often huge amounts of information to ‘take in’ and systems to get up to speed within a relatively short space of time – this isn’t something that everyone can do with ease.

Another benefit is the numerous environments that workers will have seen. The different processes, the most effective ways of working and the challenges they’ll have overcome in each place they’ve worked. This experience is invaluable in any workplace!

Flexibility. Some people enjoy the flexibility temporary work can offer them – they may have commitments themselves in which case, they can adapt around your business needs – a win-win.

New skills. Let’s not forget the fresh perspective a new worker can bring! They can make suggestions about processes and bring a whole new energy into any team!

So how do you benefit as a business?

Speed. Scaling up your workforce at speed can sometimes be a necessity. For example a new project, a large-scale new client win – the reasons for needing staff quickly often make the temporary route viable and effective. Staff can often start very quickly and providing you are working with a great agency, all references, legal documentation and payroll information will have been obtained.

Reducing pressure. In some instances, there is a gap to fill on a more permanent basis, but as the requirement can be specific, it is important to relieve pressure on the existing team very quickly. It will also keep things ‘in check’ until your new employee starts their permanent role. This in turn will mean the process is not rushed and you can ensure you are finding the very best candidate for your business.

The headache of payroll. Here at Elizabeth Michael, we have an in-house payroll team. We take care of all employee on-costs and the process to any new client is described as simple, speedy and effective. This will also reduce your permanent headcount and the costs associated.

The rollercoaster of demand. Many companies have peak periods, yet the permanent staff headcount simply isn’t adequate to keep up with that demand. Temporary workers give a business that assistance during these times, without the longer-term commitment when things quieten down again. This type of support proves invaluable!

The stand-out. Sometimes, temporary roles can lead to a permanent position. None of us know what our employees are thinking – it could be time for them to move on in which case, a temporary worker can simply backfill a permanent role. This is someone ‘tried and tested’ who understands the business, its systems and has demonstrated themselves to be the right calibre for the team.

Temporary workers can often be a viable option for many companies, and here at Elizabeth Michael we have been providing companies across the Midlands with both Permanent and Temporary members of staff for 29 years. Call us today to find out more about the fantastic talent we have available at short notice – you won’t be disappointed! 0115 979 9806.